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    Applications of spintronics often require angular momentum to be moved from place to place. A possible observation of spin superfluidity may point the way toward the transport of spin angular momentum across an insulating sample with no dissipation or energy loss.

    • Joshua Folk
  • Measure for Measure |

    Tests of one of the most fundamental theories in physics reveal an issue with the size of the proton — or the Rydberg constant. Thomas Udem explains.

    • Thomas Udem
  • Editorial |

    US nuclear diplomacy appears to be entering a turbulent phase. Although their voice is currently sidelined by geopolitical events, physicists have a duty to speak up.

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    Energy levels in superconducting quantum devices are highly sensitive to charge fluctuations. Generally, this is considered a bug, but new work transforms this sensitivity into the defining feature of a novel device.

    • Leonid Glazman
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    Magnetic tweezer measurements have revealed the forces associated with a star-shaped structure responsible for moving the sperm nucleus to the centre of the egg cell following fertilization.

    • Carlos Garzon-Coral
    •  & Jonathon Howard
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    The ideas of topology are breaking ground in origami-based metamaterials. Experiments now show that certain shapes — doughnuts included — exhibit topological bistability, and can be made to click between different topologically stable states.

    • Scott R. Waitukaitis
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    The first campaign of the largest stellarator ever built, Wendelstein 7-X, has been successful, achieving high electron temperatures and minimal self-generated plasma current. This is very encouraging for future long-pulse, full-power operation.

    • Joseph N. Talmadge
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    Many-body quantum systems fail to reach thermalization only under specific circumstances. An analysis now reveals a new, different kind of non-equilibrating dynamics based on the many-body analogue of quantum scars in single-particle quantum chaos.

    • Vanja Dunjko
    •  & Maxim Olshanii
  • Editorial |

    Against a backdrop of political upheaval and polarization, European science continues to be a bright spot, at least for now.

  • Research Highlight |

    • Andreas H. Trabesinger
  • Research Highlight |

    • Jan Philip Kraack
  • Measure for Measure |

    Michael Jentschel and Klaus Blaum explain why the most famous equation of physics needs checking — and how to do it.

    • Michael Jentschel
    •  & Klaus Blaum
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    The criteria by which the validity of theories of complex systems are judged are more nuanced than a naive understanding of ‘the scientific method’ suggests.

    • Sophia Kivelson
    •  & Steven Kivelson