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Volume 14 Issue 11, November 2020

Volume 14 Issue 11

Subcycle light–matter interactions

Artistic depiction of a Landau-quantized electron wave function dressed by virtual photons in an optical resonator. Femtosecond deactivation of the resonator strips photons off the electrons much faster than a single cycle of light, unveiling otherwise inaccessible properties of this strongly coupled quantum state of light and matter.

See Lange et al.

IMAGE: Christoph Lange COVER DESIGN: Bethany Vukomanovic.


News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Photoluminescence spectroscopy using atomic-scale light reveals an optical transition of a single molecule at sub-nanometre resolution.

    • Takashi Kumagai
  • News & Views |

    Facilities generating coherent X-rays tend to be large scale and costly. Now researchers have demonstrated a parametric and coherent laboratory-scale X-ray source by passing moderately energetic electrons through van der Waals heterostructures.

    • Ingo Uschmann
  • News & Views |

    The limited control of electrons by light has resulted in photonic-driven circuits lagging far behind their electronic counterparts. Now, a technique exploiting coherent control with structured light has been used to sculpt the spatial distribution of electric currents, ushering in vectorized optoelectronic control in semiconductors.

    • Andrew Forbes



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