About the Editors

Like the other Nature titles, Nature Photonics has no external editorial board. Instead, all editorial decisions are made by a dedicated team of professional editors, with relevant research and editorial backgrounds.

Chief Editor: Oliver Graydon

Oliver joined Nature Photonics in January 2006 with 10 years of experience in the world of scientific publishing. He was previously employed at the Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd. where he held several posts, including editor of the monthly magazine Opto & Laser Europe and its associated website Optics.org. Oliver has a first-class degree in physics from Imperial College London and a PhD in optical communications from the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre. Oliver is based in London.


International Editor: Rachel Pei Chin Won

Rachel joined Nature Photonics in June 2006 from Aston University's Business Partnership Unit in Birmingham, UK where she worked as a Medici Fellow commercializing photonics research. She obtained her PhD in optical fibre sensing, microwave photonics and fibre nonlinearities as a member of Aston's Photonics Research Group. Prior to that, Rachel worked for Philips Optical Storage in Singapore as an Optics Engineer. She holds a Master's degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and a Bachelor's degree from the National University of Malaysia. Rachel is based in London.


Senior Editor: David Pile

David joined Nature Photonics in November 2008. He has 10 years of theoretical and experimental research experience in fields including linear and nonlinear bulk and guided waves, near-field- and subwavelength-optics, gratings and photonic crystals, slow light, metamaterials and development of numerical algorithms inlcuding RCWA and FDTD. David obtained a first-class honours degree in physics in 1998 and a PhD in 2003 (on extreemely asymmetrical scattering in diffraction gratings) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Following a JSPS postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Tokushima (2004 - 2005), David was an associate researcher at the University of California Berkeley (2006-2008). David is based in San Francisco.


Senior Editor: Noriaki Horiuchi

Noriaki joined Nature Photonics in September 2009. He started his research at Waseda University, Tokyo. In 1992, he went to study in France after receiving a scholarship from the French Government. Collaborating with Laboratoire de Minéralogie et Cristallographie of Université Paris 6 and France Télécom, Noriaki obtained his PhD in 1999 from Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble. Following a postdoctoral researcher's position at Toyota Technological Institute, he worked as a researcher at RIKEN from 2002 to 2009. His research interests are in the fields of nonlinear optics, crystal growth and photonic crystals. Noriaki is based in Tokyo.