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Volume 13 Issue 9, September 2020

Volume 13 Issue 9

Iron meteorite clues to planetesimal cores

Experiments show that the iron isotopic composition of iron meteorites can be explained by core crystallization and suggest the presence of sulfur-rich core material that remains unsampled by meteorite collections. The image shows the characteristic Widmanstätten pattern of the iron meteorite Edmonton.

See Ni et al.

Image: Peng Ni. Cover Design: Thomas Phillips.


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    We look at changes in authorship and cross-institutional links in the papers we publish. Both are increasing as the geosciences continue to become more collaborative.


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    It is commonly thought that old groundwater cannot be pumped sustainably, and that recently recharged groundwater is inherently sustainable. We argue that both old and young groundwaters can be used in physically sustainable or unsustainable ways.

    • Grant Ferguson
    • Mark O. Cuthbert
    • Jennifer C. McIntosh

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    Deep, carbon-rich Pacific waters intruded into the South Atlantic some 38 to 28 thousand years ago. This deep Pacific expansion could have represented a considerable sink of atmospheric CO2, one that helped initiate the Last Glacial Maximum.

    • Brian A. Haley



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