Sandy barrier island surrounded by deep blue sea at sunset.

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Featuring articles on migrating barrier islands and the benefits of rewetting wetlands, as well as a comment on how the space industry is impacting the atmosphere.


  • Image shows the boulder-strewn surface of the asteroid Bennu, as imaged by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.

    Recent missions to the asteroids Ryugu and Bennu have revealed that the surfaces of asteroids can be actively shaped by a variety of geological processes. This Collection assembles recent results from NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission to Bennu and research from across Nature Portfolio that provides insights into the properties, processes, and evolution of asteroid surfaces.

  • An aerial view of patchwork farmland encroaching on lush green forests and cut through by a tarmacked road.

    Land-cover change can have profound impacts on the Earth system. Unsustainable land use, driven by urban and agricultural expansion, not only causes important impacts on climate but also leads to ecosystem and environmental degradation. Here, we bring together a collection of articles published in Nature Portfolio journals on the trends and impacts of land-use change.

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    • Modelling indicates that a return to fully normal marine conditions in the Mediterranean following the flooding that ended the Messinian Salinity Crisis was delayed by salt transfers and temporarily enhanced stratification.

      • Angelo Camerlenghi
      News & Views
    • Sea level rise causes barrier islands to migrate landward. Coastal evolution modelling reveals a centennial-scale lag in island response time and suggests migration rates will increase by 50% within the next century, even if sea level were to stabilize.

      • Laura J. Moore
      • A. Brad Murray
      News & Views
    • Analyses of the 2014 Iceland–Holuhraun volcanic eruption revealed the emitted aerosols induced a 10% increase in cloud coverage above the region, suggesting anthropogenic aerosols might strongly cool the Earth’s climate by increasing the cloud coverage.

      • Velle Toll
      News & Views
    • Water that has been carried deep into the Earth by oceanic plates in subduction zones, can influence earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Three-dimensional images of electrical resistivity derived from electromagnetic geophysical data provide new constraints on the distribution, transport, and storage of water in the Cascadia subduction zone.

      Research Briefing
  • A new ethics framework urges researchers to promote greater equity in global collaborations.

  • The Research Briefing is a new format for communicating research papers to our readers.

  • Rocket emissions and debris from spacecraft falling out of orbit are having increasingly detrimental effects on global atmospheric chemistry. Improved monitoring and regulation are urgently needed to create an environmentally sustainable space industry.

    • Jamie D. Shutler
    • Xiaoyu Yan
    • Hitoshi Nasu
  • A limited number of earthquakes and volcanoes, primarily located in global north countries, dominate the collective research output on these geohazards. Efforts to improve monitoring at both local and global levels can address this disparity and reduce the associated risk.

  • Recent missions to the rubble-pile asteroids Bennu and Ryugu have revealed asteroid surfaces that continue to be actively modified by a variety of processes while also recording the geologic history of these small bodies.

  • Meeting climate targets will require considerable carbon dioxide removal in addition to emission cuts. To achieve this sustainably, a range of methods are needed to avoid adverse effects and match co-benefits with local needs.


Nobel Prize in Physics 2021

The 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi for their advances in complex physical systems. In


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