About the Editors

Chief Editor: Ali Stoddart, PhD ORCiD

Ali joined Nature Synthesis in January 2021 and is heading the launch of the journal. She started out at Nature Research in 2007 as an editor for Nature Materials, where she handled the topics of materials chemistry and biomaterials. In 2016, as chief editor, she launched the first physical sciences Nature Reviews journal, Nature Reviews Materials. Ali has an MSci in chemistry from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in the area of polymer synthesis from Durham University. Before joining Nature Research, she gained industrial experience as a medicinal chemist at Cambridge BioTechnology, followed by three years' editorial experience with the journal Chemical Communications.

Ali is based in the London office.


Associate Editor: Tom West, PhD ORCiD

Tom graduated from the University of Bristol with an MSci in Chemistry in 2012, before moving to the University of St Andrews to undertake a PhD in organic synthesis, studying catalytic rearrangement reactions finishing in 2016. Academic and industrial postdoctoral research roles followed at the University of Edinburgh and Syngenta, Switzerland, respectively, before joining the editorial team of Nature Synthesis in March 2021.

Tom is based in the London office.


Associate Editor: Peter Seavill, PhD ORCiD

Peter obtained his MSci degree in Chemistry from University College London in 2016, before carrying out a PhD in the interdisciplinary topic of electro-organic synthesis at the same institution. Upon completion of his studies, Peter worked at the Royal Society of Chemistry as a publishing editor on the journal, Energy & Environmental Science. He then joined the editorial team of Nature Synthesis in June 2021.

Peter is based in the London office.


Associate Editor: Alexandra Groves, PhD 

Alex obtained her MChem degree from the University of York in 2017, before moving to University College London to undertake a PhD in materials chemistry, studying hydrothermal synthesis of electrocatalysts for the hydrogen economy. Upon completion of her PhD, Alex moved into the chemicals industry, researching carbon capture and utilisation before joining the editorial team of Nature Synthesis in March 2022.

Alex is based in the London Office.