About the Editors

Chief Editor: Stephen Davey, PhD ORCiD

After working on Nature Chemistry since April 2008, first as an associate and then senior editor, Stephen made the move to Nature Reviews Chemistry in early 2016. During his PhD at the University of Sheffield, and later at Imperial College London, he focused on organic synthesis and catalysis working on chiral nucleophilic organocatalysis. In 2004, he moved to Rijkuniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands, investigating the synthesis and applications of light-driven molecular motors. In 2006, he joined the Royal Society of Chemistry as assistant editor of Lab on a Chip and the Journal of Environmental Monitoring. He is the launch editor of Nature Reviews Chemistry. Among other topics, Stephen handles content in organic chemistry, synthesis and catalysis, nanotechnology and analytical chemistry. Stephen is based in London, UK.

Senior Editor: Stacey Paiva, PhD ORCiD

Stacey completed her PhD at the University of Toronto developing small-molecule inhibitors of E1 activating enzymes for ubiquitin-like molecules. Pursuing her interests for protein ubiquitination in her postdoctoral work, she studied targeted protein degradation at Yale with Prof Craig Crews. She started her editorial career at Nature Reviews Drug Discovery in 2019 after which she worked on the launch team for Nature Reviews Methods Primers. Stacey joined Nature Reviews Chemistry in August 2021. Among other topics, she handles content in biochemistry, chemical biology and medicinal chemistry. Stacey is based in London, UK.

Associate Editor: Stephanie Greed, PhD ORCiD

Stephanie received her PhD in chemistry from Imperial College London, where she researched new synthetic methods to access underexplored S(VI) functional groups with Dr James Bull.  Previously, she studied at the University of Leeds during her undergraduate degree in chemistry. Her masters project focussed on the synthesis of small-molecule inhibitors of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) under the supervision of Professor Andrew J. Wilson. Stephanie joined Nature Reviews Chemistry as an associate editor in April 2022. Among other topics, she handles content in organic chemistry, synthesis and catalysis, and medicinal chemistry.

Art Editor: Carl Conway
Production Editor: Michael Molloy
Sub Editor: Georgie Cowell 
Editorial Assistant: Shona Leo 

Cross-Journal Editors: Katharine Wrighton (Team Leader), Claire Ashworth, Grant Otto (Team Managers), Caroline Barranco, Lucia Brunello, Rebecca Kelsey, Isobel Leake, Jake Rogers, Timothy Thomas, Joseph Willson (Seniors), Mike Attwaters, Hannah Hatcher (Associates)
Managing Editor: Liesbet Lieben
Editorial Administration Manager: Georgina Moffat 
Managing Production Editor: Jenna Johnston
Head of Sub Editing: Paul Fletcher
Head of Office Administration: Laura Lee
Head of Production: Stuart Drake
Art Director: Samantha Whitham
Locum Art Director: Susanne Harris
Creative Director: Kelly Krause
Editorial Director: Mina Razzak
Locum Editorial Director: Kim Baumann
Publishing Director, Nature Journals​: Ruth Wilson 
VP Journals, Nature: Deborah Sweet
Chief Journals Officer: Alison Mitchell
Editor-in-Chief, Nature Journals: Magdalena Skipper

Editorial Alumni

Editor Tenure Key role/output
David Schilter, PhD 2016–2021 Senior Editor, launched the journal; primarily handled papers in inorganic chemistry; curated collections on Electrocatalysis for fuels and Green Chemistry
Colette Whitfield, PhD 2021–2022 Associate Editor,  primarily handled papers in biochemistry and chemical biology; curated a collection on Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021
Gabriella Graziano, PhD 2016–2022 Senior Editor, launched the journal; primarily handled papers in physical and theoretical chemistry; curated a collection on Electrocatalysis for fuels