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    This Collection of Q & A articles aims to introduce and celebrate the female authors that published their research and review articles in Nature Cardiovascular Research’s first volume, hoping that their life and career stories will inspire new generations of scientists.

    Image: Top (from left to right): Teresa Crawford; Francine Marques; Marie Le Novère; Kent Sievers; Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health; Jenna Schad/Tufts University; J. J. Goronzy; middle (from left to right): Natalia Trayanova; Harrison Truong/Stanford University; Yanqing Anna Gong; Felix Imhof, UNIL; Richard Mayer; Miikka Vikkula; Rong Tian; bottom (from left to right): Christiana Ruhrberg; Anna Randi; Stefanie Dimmeler; Dirk Pacholsky; Margalida Munar; Tatiana Tatarinova; Laurent Soussana, LMU Klinikum.