About the Editors

Co-Editors in Chief

Ian Head
Ian Head is a professor in Environmental Microbiology at Newcastle University, school of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. His research seeks to unravel the microbial controls on biogeochemical process in natural and engineered environments. The research has been central in revealing the mechanisms responsible for the development of the world's immense heavy oil deposits - dramatic evidence of the power of the very small to influence globally significant Earth processes. His group has also made important contributions to understanding key elements in the microbial ecology of the carbon, nitrogen and sulfur cycles in natural and engineered environments.

Kazuya Watanabe
Kazuya Watanabe is a professor in Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. He studies onmicrobes and microbiomes involved in water treatment, waste management, environmental cleanup, energy recovery, and bioproduction. He is also interested in studying genetic, physiological and ecological strategiesthat microbes have evolved for surviving in the natural environment.

Reviews Editor

Jim Prosser, University of Aberdeen, UK

Senior Editors

Mark Bailey, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK
Jennifer Biddle, University of Delaware, USA
Andrew Holmes, University of Sydney, Australia
Fumio Inagaki, JAMSTEC, Japan
Steven Lindow, UC Berkeley, USA
Julian R Marchesi, Cardiff University, UK
Jennifer Martiny, University of California, USA
Josh D. Neufeld, University of Waterloo, Canada
Satoshi Okabe, Hokkaido University, Japan
Laurent Philippot, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, France
Thomas Schmidt, University of Michigan, USA
Heide Schulz-Vogt, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Germany
Hauke Smidt, Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands
Matthew Sullivan, The Ohio State University, USA
Rebecca Vega Thurber, Oregon State University, USA
Michael Wagner, University of Vienna, Austria
Joshua Weitz, George Institute of Technology, USA
William Wilson, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS), UK
Tanja Woyke, U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute, USA
Liping Zhao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Jizhong Zhou, Oklahoma University, USA