Table 3 - Complications of Nissen fundoplication

From the following article

Surgical therapy for gastroesophageal reflux disease

Renee C. Minjarez and Blair A. Jobe

GI Motility online (2006)


ComplicationAnatomic abnormality
Slipped fundoplicationFundoplication has been erroneously placed or has slipped from original position down around upper stomach
Avoided by incorporating partial thickness esophageal wall into fundoplication
Tight fundoplicationFundoplication is too tight creating a functional stricture
Avoided by creating a floppy Nissen around a 56-French or 60-French bougie
DehiscenceLimbs of fundoplication have separated
Avoided by minimizing tension, taking full-thickness bites using nonabsorbable suture
HerniationFundoplication and esophagogastric junction have herniated above the diaphragm
Avoided by recognizing short esophagus and ensuring at least 2–3 cm intraabdominal esophagus for fundoplication