Table 3 - Summary of manometric findings in selected esophageal motor disorders

From the following article

Esophageal motility disorders

W.G. Paterson, Raj K. Goyal and Fortunée Irene Habib

GI Motility online (2006)


Motor disorderManometric abnormality
AchalasiaAbsent, incomplete, or abnormally timed LES relaxation
Absent peristalsis
May have elevated resting LES and intraesophageal pressures
Diffuse esophageal spasm>20% of swallows result in simultaneous contractions
May have multipeaked and/or prolonged contractions
Amplitude of the contractions may be increased, normal, or decreased
Hypertensive peristalsis (nutcracker esophagus)Peristaltic contractions of increased amplitude (>180 mmHg) and/or increased duration (>8 sec)
Hypertensive LESIncreased resting LES pressure (>40 mm Hg above intragastric pressure)
Hypotensive peristaltic contractions (ineffective peristalsis)Decreased amplitude (<30 mmHg) peristaltic or nonperistaltic contractions in distal esophagus with 30% of wet swallows
With or without hypotensive LES
Hypotensive LES and increased frequency of TLESRLES pressure <10 mmHg
TLESRs cannot be evaluated by usual manometric studies