Communications Physics editors will be attending the following upcoming conferences. We look forward to meeting you there! If you would like to meet with an editor at one of the conferences below, please contact the appropriate editor or Editorial Board Member, or send an email to the journal at


January 14-182019 JOINT MMM-INTERMAG, Washington DC, USA
Editor: Saleem Denholme

February 4-8, Avalanche Dynamics and Precoursors of Catastrophic Events, Les Houches, France
Editorial Board member: Kirsten Martens

March 4-8 - APS March Meeting, Boston, MA, USA
Editor: Elena Belsole
Editorial Board Members: Ming Yi, Stefano Pirandola

June 2- 6 - ISTDM/ICS 2019 - University of Wisconsing-Madison, USA
Editorial Board Members:Fabio Pezzoli

June 3-7 - The 5th International Soft Matter Conference (ISMC2019) - Edinburgh, UK
Associate Editor: Saleem Denholme

June 24-27 - SpintechX, Chicago, IL, USA
Associate Editor: Saleem Denholme

July 1-4 - mmc2019: Microscience Microscopy Congress 2019 - Manchester, UK
Associate Editors: Elena Belsole, Daniel Payne
Editorial Board Member: Sergi Garcia-Manyes

July 2-5 -Yielding phenomena in disordered systems - Bariloche, Argentina
Editorial Board Member: Kirsten Martens

July 15-19 - Designing Artificial Quantum Matter (#DAQM) - Donastia-San Sebastian, Spain
Associate Editor: Elena Belsole

July 21-24 - The 10th International Workshop on Bismuth-Containing Semiconductors, - Toulouse, France
Editorial Board Member: Fabio Pezzoli

August 26-30 - LAM-17Lyon, France
Editorial Board Member: Kirsten Martens