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  • Shengnan Wang and colleagues report a digital twin framework of electrical tomography for quantitative imaging of a gas-liquid multiphase flow. This framework enables precise flow profile imaging using low-cost and noninvasive tomography techniques and can be extended to biomedical, aerospace and energy applications.

    • Shengnan Wang
    • Delin Hu
    • Yunjie Yang
    Article Open Access
  • Bairaktaris and colleagues developed a printable flexible photodetector using a simple, scalable fabrication process. The photodetectors were demonstrated in practice in an augmented paper system. This low-cost technique could be also applied in robust and large-scale user interfaces.

    • Georgios Bairaktaris
    • Fasihullah Khan
    • Radu A. Sporea
    Article Open Access
  • An imaging device inspired by insect stereopsis allows for simultaneous near-distance microscopic imaging, high speed imaging at far distance and 3D depth imaging at intermediate distances. The camera, reported by Kisoo Kim and colleagues, gives clues as to how insects see the world and offers insights for designing compact cameras with multifunctional capabilities.

    • Kisoo Kim
    • Kyung-Won Jang
    • Ki-Hun Jeong
    Article Open Access
  • Shen and colleagues reported an unsupervised generative adversarial network (GAN) to identify patterns in leaves associated with superior mechanical properties and use 3D printing to build architected materials inspired by the patterns. In the future, this approach may be applied more broadly to natural materials to enable efficient algorithmic construction of structures with customized properties and form factors.

    • Sabrina Chin-yun Shen
    • Markus J. Buehler
    Article Open Access
  • Fixed wing drone flight in dense (urban or forest) environments is challenging due to a need for a large area to turn. Inspired by the avian wing morphing, Enrico Ajanic and colleagues proposed and tested a drone with wings capable of folding and pitching, and a tail capable of folding and deflecting as a strategy to increase the roll moment, lift force, and reduce the turn radius. This finding enables agile drone flight within limited space.

    • Enrico Ajanic
    • Mir Feroskhan
    • Dario Floreano
    Article Open Access
  • Abdel-Rahman and colleagues introduce a discrete modular material-robot system that is capable of serial, recursive (making more robots), and hierarchical (making larger robots) assembly. This is accomplished by discretizing the construction into a feedstock of simple primitive building blocks combined with an algorithm to plan the optimal construction path and assemble the building blocks into functional units and swarms.

    • Amira Abdel-Rahman
    • Christopher Cameron
    • Neil Gershenfeld
    Article Open Access
  • Thomas Matarazzo and colleagues determine modal frequencies of a suspension bridge and highway bridge from analysis of smartphone datasets during vehicle trips across the bridge. The field results suggest that data from both controlled and uncontrolled crowdsourced smartphone datasets have value in monitoring transportation infrastructure.

    • Thomas J. Matarazzo
    • Dániel Kondor
    • Carlo Ratti
    Article Open Access
  • Berkey and colleagues quantitatively characterized partial-thickness cutaneous injuries after impact from projectiles simulating ballistic fragments. A corresponding damage model was developed to simulate and predict the cutaneous damage from impact, which could guide protective equipment design and clinical treatment.

    • Christopher A. Berkey
    • Omar Elsafty
    • Reinhold H. Dauskardt
    Article Open Access
  • Sozos and co-workers present and numerically evaluate photonic neuromorphic hardware using recurrent optical spectrum slicing for use in ultra-fast optical applications. The approach extends optical signal transmission reach to more than four-fold that of two state-of-the-art digital equalizers and reduces power consumption tenfold.

    • Kostas Sozos
    • Adonis Bogris
    • Charis Mesaritakis
    Article Open Access
  • Optoacoustic tomography (OAT) is a hybrid imaging modality that combines optical excitation with ultrasound detection. However, OAT is limited by the lack of available high resolution ultrasound detection systems. Here Hahamovich and colleagues report single-detector OAT capable of high-fidelity imaging using an amplitude mask in planar geometry coded with cyclic patterns for structured spatial acoustic modulation.

    • Evgeny Hahamovich
    • Sagi Monin
    • Amir Rosenthal
    Article Open Access
  • Jan Kloppenborg Møller & Goran Goranović and colleagues introduce a data-driven twin methodology which balances physical knowledge with uncertainty quantifications. The approach makes it suited to application of real world problems with inherent unknowns. They demonstrate its application in the modelling and control of membrane water ultrafiltration

    • Jan Kloppenborg Møller
    • Goran Goranović
    • Henrik Madsen
    Article Open Access
  • Kasidit Toprasertpong and colleagues describe reservoir computing hardware with potential for on-chip integration with existing computing technologies. The approach is based on a ferroelectric field-effect transistor, and can solve computational tasks on time series data including nonlinear time series prediction after training with simple regression.

    • Kasidit Toprasertpong
    • Eishin Nako
    • Shinichi Takagi
    Article Open Access
  • Yu and colleagues report a modified and flexible Evans-Perkins heat pump cycle integrating heat recovery and storage and demonstrate its application in a prototype heat pump. The recovered heat can be used as an ancillary heat source for the heat pump’s operation and to defrost the heat pump evaporator as necessary.

    • Zhibin Yu
    • Andrew McKeown
    • Miryam Essadik
    Article Open Access
  • Shaoyan Zhang and colleagues describe a combined all-optical ultrasound imaging and laser ablation tool. The device, less than 1mm in diameter, enables ablation and simultaneous real-time ablation monitoring of tissue at the mm scale. The device could be used for minimally invasive surgical applications.

    • Shaoyan Zhang
    • Edward Z. Zhang
    • Richard J. Colchester
    Article Open Access
  • Debuisschert and colleagues describe a radio frequency signal analyzer platform utilizing the quantum properties of the nitrogen-vacancy center in single crystal diamond. This platform enables millisecond detection of complex microwave signals over a broad tunable frequency range up to 25 GHz.

    • Simone Magaletti
    • Ludovic Mayer
    • Thierry Debuisschert
    Article Open Access
  • Nidhi Sinha, Haowen Yang and colleagues report a microfluidic large-scale integration chip to probe temporal single-cell signalling networks via the delivery of patterns of input signalling molecules. The researchers use their device to investigate drug-induced cancer cell apoptosis and single cell transcription (STAT-1) protein signalling dynamics.

    • Nidhi Sinha
    • Haowen Yang
    • Jurjen Tel
    Article Open Access
  • Xumin Gao and colleagues report a robust and waterproof monolithic GaN optoelectronic chip that integrates an energy harvester, light emitting diode and Bragg reflector. The units transform external light into electrical energy and directly activate the integrated LEDs even when attached to freely swimming Carassius auratus fish.

    • Xumin Gao
    • Pengzhan Liu
    • Yongjin Wang
    Article Open Access
  • Anastasia Koivikko and colleagues report pneumatic strain gauges integrated into a soft robotic gripper which can recognize objects and close autonomously. The approach enables entirely fluidic robotic systems with no need for electrical or optical sensors.

    • Anastasia Koivikko
    • Vilma Lampinen
    • Veikko Sariola
    Article Open Access
  • Murray and colleagues report strain distributions in Si/SiGe nanosheet heterostructures using synchrotron x-ray nanodiffraction techniques. The observations and underlying mechanisms provide insights for future nanodevice design and performance prediction.

    • Conal E. Murray
    • Hanfei Yan
    • Nicolas Loubet
    Article Open Access