Entrepreneurship in Quantum Technology

  • Nature News | Comment

    Masoud Mohseni, Peter Read, Hartmut Neven and colleagues at Google's Quantum AI Laboratory set out investment opportunities on the road to the ultimate quantum machines.

    • Masoud Mohseni
    • , Peter Read
    • , Hartmut Neven
    • , Sergio Boixo
    • , Vasil Denchev
    • , Ryan Babbush
    • , Austin Fowler
    • , Vadim Smelyanskiy
    •  &  John Martinis
  • Nature Nanotechnology | In the Classroom

    Looking at your research with a business mentality can be surprisingly satisfying, says Ying Lia Li.

    • Ying Lia Li
  • Nature Photonics | Commentary

    Thinking of creating your own company? Perseverance, pragmatism, flexibility and truly understanding your customers' needs are all vital ingredients for success.

    • Richard Murray
  • Nature Materials | Editorial

    The Innovation Forum on Quantum Technologies aims to help academics start technology companies.

  • Nature Nanotechnology | Thesis

    Nanotechnology is starting to play a role in a number of commercial products, though in an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary way, says Peter Dobson.

    • Peter Dobson
  • Nature Physics | Commentary

    Research in quantum optics has already led to commercial technologies, but the gap between the lab and market products is still large. Looking from the industrial side, one can see ways of bridging this gap.

    • Jürgen Stuhler
  • Nature Materials | Interview

    Richard Murray of Innovate UK explains to Nature Materials how innovation derived from research findings can boost the production of wealth.

  • Nature Photonics | Editorial

    Starting a company may not be easy, but growing it into a mid-sized entity is where the challenge really lies.

  • Nature News | Editorial

    A European plan to commercialize quantum technologies needs a bold goal.

  • Nature Nanotechnology | Editorial

    The Nature/Entrepreneur First Innovation Forum in Quantum Technologies was an experiment in entrepreneurial thinking for young scientists.