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What does the future hold? Is there life beyond the stars? Will artificial intelligence take over the world? Is time travel possible? All of these questions and more are addressed every week in Futures, Nature's science-fiction column. Featuring short stories from established authors and those just beginning their writing career, Futures presents an eclectic view of what may come to pass. Here you can dive into the entire archive and discover what may be lurking around the corner. Prepare to be amazed, amused, stimulated and even outraged …

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  • Nature Futures 1 is now available as an eBook. It brings together 97 short stories from scientists, journalists and many of the most famous SF writers in the world, including Arthur C. Clarke; Bruce Sterling; Charles Stross; Cory Doctorow; Greg Bear; Gregory Benford; Oliver Morton; Ian Macleod; Rudy Rucker; Greg Egan; Stephan Baxter; Frederik Pohl; Vernor Vinge; Nancy Kress, Michael Moorcock, Vonda N. McIntyre; Kim Stanley Robinson; and John M. Ford.

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  • Podcast

    Editor Henry Gee treats us to an audio version of the 400th story to be published in the Futures section. Plus, we discuss the origins of Futures and the weird and wonderful topics covered over the years.


  • Ivory Tower

    A place to call our own.
    Bruce Sterling

    doi:10.1038/434806a ()

  • Dreadnought

    All for one ... and one for all.
    Justina Robson

    doi:10.1038/434680a ()

  • Heartwired

    Love is the drug.
    Joe Haldeman

    doi:10.1038/434544a ()

  • Last man standing

    Whatever happened to 'boy meets girl'?
    Xaviera Young

    doi:10.1038/434420a ()

  • A modest proposal

    ...for the perfection of nature.
    Vonda N. McIntyre

    doi:10.1038/434122a ()

  • The party's over

    It was only a game...
    Penelope Kim Crowther

    doi:10.1038/433906a ()

  • Play it again, Psam

    It's all in your mind ... isn't it?
    Ian Stewart

    doi:10.1038/433556a ()

  • Under martian ice

    Cold ... and never more alone.
    Stephen Baxter

    doi:10.1038/433668a ()

  • Undead again

    How sweet the taste of freedom.
    Ken Macleod

    doi:10.1038/433784a ()