Radical theologies

Editor: Prof Mike Grimshaw (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

Scope: Radical theology as a field encompasses the intersections of constructive theology, secular theology, death-of-God theologies, political theologies, continental thought and contemporary culture. It expresses an inter-disciplinary engagement and approach dedicated to redefining the very terms of theology as a concept and practice.

Just as rhizomic thought engages with multiplicities and counters dualistic and prescriptive approaches, this special collection will offer a timely outlet for an expanding field of ‘breakout’ radical theologies that seek to redefine the very terms of theology. The collection will engage with an ever-expanding radical expression and critique of theologies that have entered or seek to enter the public sphere, arising from the continued turn to religion and especially radical theology in politics, social sciences, philosophy, theory, cultural and literary studies. Also within the collection’s scope will be analyses covering the so-labelled death-of-God theologies, as well as theologians who emerged in the 1960s and those who follow in their wake. Other radical theologies emerge from what can be termed underground theologies and also (a)theological foundations, including the new materialism—all share the aim and expression of breaking out of walls previously ideologically invisible.

This thematic collection explores the engagement of radical theology with a variety of areas—culture, society, literature, politics, philosophy and the discipline of religion—and aims to provide a multi- and interdisciplinary forum for those writing and thinking at the intersections of these areas with radical theology.

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