Quantum Engineering

Nature, 391, 6662 (supplement) (1 January 1998)

In this supplement

A selection of Review Articles and Letters from Nature reporting advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology during 1996—7.



Learning to think small

L. Garwin

Towards the age of nano-electronics

T. Ishiguro, C. W. Gear


Review article

Electrons in artificial atoms

R. C. Ashoori

Nature 379, 413—419 (1 February 1996) doi:10.1038/379413a0


Letters to nature

Manipulation of an atomic beam by a computer-generated hologram

J. Fujita et al.

Nature 380, 691—694 (25 April 1996) doi:10.1038/380691a0

Macroscopic quantum tunnelling of magnetization in a single crystal of nanomagnets

L. Thomas et al.

Nature 383, 145—147 (12 September 1996) doi:10.1038/383145a0

Quantum-size effects in the thermodynamic properties of metallic nanoparticles

Y. Volokitin et al.

Nature 384, 621—623 (26 December 1996) doi:10.1038/384621a0

Phase measurement in a quantum dot via a double-slit interference experiment

R. Schuster et al.

Nature 385, 417—420 (30 January 1997) doi:10.1038/385417a0

Individual single-wall carbon nanotubes as quantum wires

S. J. Tans et al.

Nature 386, 474—477 (3 April 1997) doi:10.1038/386474a0

A single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal

D. L. Klein et al.

Nature 389, 699—701 (16 October 1997) doi:10.1038/39535

Metamorphosis of a quantum wire into quantum dots

J. Hasen et al.

Nature 390, 54—57 (6 November 1997) doi:10.1038/36299

Photonic-bandgap microcavities in optical waveguides

J. S. Foresi et al.

Nature 390, 143—145 (13 November 1997) doi:10.1038/36514

Controlling the sign of quantum interference by tunnelling from quantum wells

J. Faist et al.

Nature 390, 589—591 (11 December 1997) doi:10.1038/37562

Electronic structure of atomically resolved carbon nanotubes

J. W. G. Wilder et al.

Nature 391, 59—62 (1 January 1998) doi:10.1038/34139

Kondo effect in a single-electron transistor

D. Goldhaber-Gordon et al.

Nature 391, 156—159 (8 January 1998) doi:10.1038/34373



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