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    November 2007: Global warming is shaping up to be a major campaign issue for the 24 November Australian elections, with the ongoing drought forcing voters to think hard about climate. And US presidential candidates are starting to talk about climate change too, long before their election day comes in 2008. Here Nature takes a look at how climate is making a mark on politics on both sides of the globe.

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        • Climate is shaping up as an issue in the 24 November Australian elections, as Stephen Pincock reports.
        • 14 November 2007
        • The next US president could lead the country into meaningful action on controlling greenhousegas emissions, but only if he, or she, can seize the moment. Jeff Tollefson reports.
        • 14 November 2007
        • For the first time, the US Congress has begun crafting comprehensive legislation to tackle global warming. Nature brought together five experts with various backgrounds to discuss the current political climate as the United States moves towards mandatory emissions caps.
        • 14 November 2007
        • The price of oil is hovering at around US$100 a barrel, a psychologically powerful level that experts and analysts once discussed in purely theoretical terms. John Deutch, a chemistry professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge and former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency under President Clinton, gives his thoughts on the issue.
        • 14 November 2007
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      • Editorial: The heat is on

        At December's climate-change meeting, everyone can agree on one thing: it is make-or-break time.

        14 November 2007

      • Column: Political climate

        American legislators are getting started on the first laws to tackle greenhouse-gas emissions. But Congress has a long way to go, says David Goldston.

        14 November 2007

      • Commentary: Who has the ear of the president?

        50 years after the appointment of the first presidential science adviser, the White House is flooded with scientific information. Roger Pielke Jr suggests how the next administration might develop ways to use it best.

        14 November 2007

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    • Listen to Nature features editor and chief of US correspondents Alex Witze talk about climate politics on the Nature podcast.

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