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Plasmonics is a thriving and rapidly developing area of modern physics that involves the study of light-matter interaction driven by surface plasmons, which are collective oscillations of free electrons in metal coupled with an electromagnetic field. Surface plasmons can either propagate on smooth/nanostructured metal surfaces, or be localized in metal nanostructures. Providing high tunability and sensitivity to the optical response of the nanostructures, together with strong localization and drastic enhancement of the electromagnetic fields, plasmonics has led to progress in many areas and applications, including artificial optical materials (metamaterials) with engineered optical properties, nanoscale optoelectronic circuits, nonlinear optics, hot-carrier photocatalysis, chemo-/bio-sensing and imaging, to name a few. With the current research approaching truly nanoscale dimensions and/or a single plasmon level, plasmonics offers an intriguing platform for demonstration of quantum phenomena, testing the related theories, and development of quantum devices.

This Collection invites submissions of original research in the field of plasmonics, from fundamental theoretical studies and demonstration of novel plasmonic phenomena, to the development of next generation of plasmonic devices and their exploitation in a variety of applications across photonics, electronics, chemistry, and biomedical sciences.

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