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Advances in antibody technologies

Development in antibody technologies continues to diversify, providing a rich pipeline of new and innovative therapeutics. In this collection, we present antibody-focused companies, along with their technologies and therapies.

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Singh Biotechnology is developing novel camelid–derived single domain antibodies that target key intracellular molecular switches in cancer. The technology has therapeutic applications beyond cancer, and the company is seeking partners to advance its assets from preclinical to commercialization.

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With a unique ownership structure and stable long-term funding, Biomed Valley Discoveries fuels a virtuous circle of investment, profit and research for the benefit of patients with unmet medical needs.

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Alloy Therapeutics, a biotechnology ecosystem company, is committed to providing affordable and non-exclusive access to a portfolio of foundational tools and services for the drug discovery community. Alloy’s lead platform is ATX-Gx, the world’s first royalty-free humanized mouse discovery platform.

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