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Zeolite catalysts

Zeolites are microporous materials that are of industrial importance for various catalytic applications. In this Focus issue we highlight recent advances in the understanding of catalytic processes and nanoscale synthesis in these systems, discuss fundamental challenges and issues in commercialising research, and survey the latest understanding of structure and chemistry of these frameworks.

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Avelino Corma, professor at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ-CSIC-Polytechnical University of Valencia), talks to Nature Materials about challenges facing zeolites, and issues faced in commercializing research.

Q&A | | Nature Materials

Zeolitic catalyst particles are grown with nanosized fins that improve mass transport into the interior of the particle. This delays catalyst deactivation in the methanol-to-hydrocarbons process.

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Lewis acid aluminium sites in zeolites enable some industrially relevant catalytic reactions, such as biomass valorization. This Perspective explores the origin and interpretation of these species, and discusses characterization techniques that can close knowledge gaps.

Perspective | | Nature Materials

Nanosized zeolites enable better catalytic performance; however, their synthesis is non-trivial. Here, a simple treatment is presented that enables the growth of nanosized fins on zeolites that act as pseudo-nanoparticles, reducing deactivation rates for methanol-to-hydrocarbon catalysis.

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