Replication and generalization

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In recent years, the field of psychology has taken great steps to improve the credibility of the research record. Direct replications of past studies have played and continue to play a fundamental role in determining the reliability of psychological effects.

Psychology is a discipline that studies similarities and differences between individuals and a discipline that cares about the real-world meaning of effects demonstrated in closely controlled settings. Therefore, not only replication but also generalization studies are of pivotal importance. Generalization studies extend direct replications, for example by recruiting more diverse additional samples; or by varying the experimental setting or study material.

The Editors at Nature Communications and Communications Psychology invite submissions of direct replication and generalization studies of primary research papers in psychology. As explained in our Editorial, these may come from any subdiscipline of psychology, and be submitted as standard research Articles or Registered Reports. We will highlight relevant papers in this Collection, together with other article types, such as Reviews, Perspectives, and Comments that contribute to the meta-scientific debate.

You can read the Editorial for this Collection here.

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