The ocean in humanity’s future

The world is gearing up to grow ever more reliant on the ocean for food, energy provision and material resources. This collection - the result of a collaboration between the Ocean Panel and the Nature journals - examines the potential for sustainable, equitable and profitable growth in the ocean economy and what would it take to achieve this.

In 2018, fourteen heads of state and government, co-chaired by the prime minister of Norway and the president of Palau, formed the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy. Their aim: to develop an agenda for transitioning to an ocean economy that embodies effective protection, sustainable production and equitable prosperity. The panel commissioned an international team of researchers to synthesize knowledge on the state of the ocean and to identify opportunities for action, documented in a series of Blue Papers and Special Reports, and two synthesis documents outlining transformations and solutions. Here we present adaptations of some of these Blue Papers, along with comment and opinion pieces on the overarching project.

Blue papers

Special reports