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It's football's biggest festival. In the summer of 2006, the hopes of millions of fans were focused on Germany, where 32 nations fought for the most glittering prize in sport. Here, Nature news looks at the science of balls, boots, goals, gambling, and whether it's really ok to have sex before a big game. Enjoy more football fun on the 22 June Nature Podcast.
INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC - Roll your mouse over the red dots to discover the science of footballs and boots.
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Football statisticians take on the bookies !! !! p
Computer models outperform human tipsters, but can't guarantee riches.
09 June 2006
Train the brain for successful soccer !! !! p
Ability to 'read the game' seems to be in the mind, not the eyes.
09 June 2006
Perfect pitch: artificial turf makes a comeback !! !! p
Could synthetic grass be better than the real thing?
09 June 2006
Sex before the big game? p
Time to silence the spoilsports: experts say it doesn't hamper footballers' performance.
09 June 2006
Goals beget goals p
Score once and you're more likely to score again, say statisticians.
09 June 2006

The computiful game p
Come join me as I bounce about the grassy soccer pitch of the Camp Nou, Barcelona. Climb inside my circuits. Climb inside my thoughts.
08 June 2006
Enjoy more football fun on the 22 June Nature Podcast.
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