Learning in a digital age

From massive open online courses (MOOCs) that are delivered to tens of thousands around the globe to adaptive digital tools that can improve outcomes by providing tailored learning experiences as well as mapping a student’s individual progress at every juncture, technology is transforming the 21st century student. Through feature articles and commentaries from experts in the field, this special collaboration between the editors of Scientific American and Nature probes the revolution underway in education and what it means for learning and research.


  • Big data makes big inroads into schools

    Technology is remaking every aspect of education, bringing top-notch courses to the world's poorest citizens and reshaping the way all students learn.

    Scientific American 309, 48-52 ( )

News and features

  • Free online courses bring "magic" to Rwanda

    An inside look at a daring global experiment: using freely available online courses to bring top-tier instruction to the neediest parts of the planet.

    Scientific American 309, 53-61 ( )

  • Campus 2.0

    Massive open online courses are transforming higher education — and providing fodder for scientific research.

    Nature 495, 160-163 ( )

  • The virtual lab

    Confronted with the explosive popularity of online learning, researchers are seeking new ways to teach the practical skills of science.

    Nature 499, 268-270 ( )



  • How to make a MOOC

    With forethought and support, science instructors can design effective massive open online courses.

    Nature 499, 369-371 ( )

Nature Podcast

  • Nature Podcast: MOOCs

    Are MOOCs turning the world into a university? Ewen Callaway signs up and finds out.

    Nature 499, ( )

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