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Magnetic Interactions

Magnetism continues to be a rich source of scientific inquiry, with associated technological implications. Fine control over the strength and directionality of interactions between magnetic elements leads to a plethora of tunable ground states from skyrmion lattices to superconductivity and d0 magnetism. In this Focus issue, we highlight recent advances and persistent open questions toward understanding and controlling such ground states.

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Oxides of non-magnetic cations exhibit elusive signs of weak temperature-independent ferromagnetism. The effect is associated with surface defects, but it defies conventional explanation. Possible hypotheses are a spin-split defect impurity band, or giant orbital paramagnetism related to zero-point vacuum fluctuations.

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The chiral magnetic exchange interaction, or Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction, is found to propagate through dozens of atomic layers and also to be present in inhomogeneous amorphous alloys. These discoveries extend the parameter space available for realizing magnetic structures with chiral character.

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