Cancer Milestones

The ancient physician Hippocrates described the projection of blood vessels from a collection of cells as ‘karkinos’, the Greek word for crab. Today, we know this malignant growth as cancer. Although it remains one of our biggest killers, survival rates for several tumour types have improved dramatically in recent years. These Milestones celebrate two decades of breakthroughs in basic, translational and clinical research which have revolutionised our understanding and management of cancer.

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David J. Adams, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, United Kingdom 

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René Bernards, Netherlands Cancer Institute, the Netherlands

Trever G. Bivona, University of California, San Francisco, USA

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Ryan B. Corcoran, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA 

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Julian Downward, The Francis Crick Institute, United Kingdom 

Kristian Helin, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA 

Jakob N. Kather, University Hospital RWTH Aachen and German Cancer Research Center, Germany

Christopher A. Klebanoff, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, US

Crystal L. Mackall, Stanford University, USA 

Ignacio Melero, CIMA and Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Spain

Narges Razavian, New York University, USA 

John T. Schiller, National Institutes of Health, USA

Clemens A. Schmitt, Charité – University Medical Center and Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany

Charles Swanton, The Francis Crick Institute and University College London Cancer Institute, United Kingdom 

Giorgio Trinchieri, National Institutes of Health, USA

Laurence Zitvogel, Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, France