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Milestones in human microbiota research

The human body is home to trillions of microorganisms that have direct and indirect impacts on health and disease. The microbiota that resides on and within us is a diverse community of bacteria, archaea, viruses, and fungi. This ‘Milestones in Human Microbiota Research’ provides a historical perspective of the breakthroughs in the field as well as future research directions.

Nature Research is pleased to acknowledge financial support of Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. in producing this Nature Collection. The sponsor retains sole responsibility for the following message.

For several decades, Yakult has maintained its commitment to improving human health by researching lactobacilli and through the development of its food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical businesses. Today, the company’s responsibilities extend beyond basic health to embrace global social and environmental challenges.

Yakult Central Institute has been conducting a wide range of studies in gut microbiota, probiotics, intestinal immunity and other areas of basic research, as well as in the development of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, in order to accelerate research and development with unified structure from basic research to product feasibility assessment. Above all, the Institute works to understand the relationship between human health and gut microbiota, focusing on basic research into the structures and functions of microbiota. ‘YIF-SCAN®’ (Yakult Intestinal Flora Scan) is Yakult’s state-of-the-art system that analyses gut microbiota by selectively quantifying bacteria based on unique individual gene sequences.

Yakult’s network extends through Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe and its products of probiotics are consumed in 39 countries and regions. As of 2017, daily global consumption of Yakult dairy products numbered more than 39 million. Yakult continues to strive to deepen its understanding of lactobacilli and support good health for all.

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