Volume 10

  • No. 5 November 2016

    In this issue...

    • Pharmaceutical M&As: Tracking the trends

    • New crop of nucleic-acid-based drugs on the horizon

    • Deals stack up around migraine’s new target

  • No. 4 September 2016

    In this issue...

    • Platform biotechs harvest the fruits of independence

    • Immuno-oncology: the rise of the checkpoint inhibitors

    • Next-generation antibodies land string of deals

  • No. 3 June 2016

    In this issue...

    • Emerging viral epidemics catalyze vaccine dealmaking

    • How do you value a pharmaceutical deal?

    • Biopharma and academia explore new partnership models

    • Inflammation in numbers

  • No. 2 April 2016

    MedTech Dealmakers

    • Advanced sequencing technologies facilitate precision medicine

    • Dealing in diagnostics

    • Drug delivery: Hunting for innovative technologies

    • Can digital health reshape disease management?

  • No. 1 March 2016

    In this issue...

    No stone unturned in the search for winning immuno-oncology combination therapies