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Corrigendum: Fish oil supplements in New Zealand are highly oxidised and do not meet label content of n-3 PUFA

Scientific Reports volume 6, Article number: 35092 (2016) | Download Citation

This Article contains typographical errors.

In the ‘PV, AV, and Totox’ section of the Methods, the formula for the p-anisidine value reads “10 × [1.2 × (A2 − A1)]/m” but should read “[10 x (1.2 x A2 - A1)]/m”.

The calculations used to derive peroxide value (PV) produced a concentration in meq/kg and not in meq/l as stated in the Article. “meq/l” should read “meq/kg” in the first and third paragraphs of the ‘PV, AV, and Totox’ section in the Methods; and in the title of Table 3, and the headings of columns 9 and 10 in Table 3.

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