How can we provide person-centred dental care?

Key Points

  • Explains person-centred care.

  • Provides a practical example of a person-centred approach.

  • Offers an opportunity to reflect on our own clinical approaches and tweak them if necessary.


Patient- or person-centred care is the current paradigm in the health profession yet there is still no clear understanding of what it means or how it could be implemented in dentistry. Building on a previously proposed person-centred model in clinical dentistry, in this article a person-centred dental clinical approach is presented. The approach consists of three guiding principles – humility, hospitality and mindfulness – that influence the different processes of the dental clinical encounter: connecting, examining, sharing, and intervening. The presented approach provides a rich opportunity for dentists to fine tune their own clinical approach in order to keep up with the upcoming expectations of their patients.

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