Dento-legal considerations about an MI approach

Key Points

  • Provides understanding of legal issues surrounding MI dentistry.

  • Provides a checklist for record keeping and consent in relation to MI dentistry in general practice.

  • Provides guidance on the standards expected from the GDC.


Over the years there have been many conceptual changes in how dental disease is prevented and managed. What is now the norm and standard practice was at some earlier time considered to be at best pioneering, and at its worst, heresy or negligent. When we look, for example at how we conservatively manage periodontal disease when less than a generation ago we were wielding surgical knives far more frequently than we do now, we can see how research and evidence-based dentistry has influenced our thinking. We are very much at that tipping point now with minimum intervention (MI) dentistry. This article will discuss the impact of MI dentistry from a legal viewpoint, covering such aspects as consent and record-keeping.

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Figure 1: Radiograph section of bitewing showing glass ionomer and composite sandwich two years after placement.
Figure 2: Bitewing radiographs showing multiple early lesions.


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