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Effect of hypnosis during administration of local anesthesia in six- to 16-year-old children

A selection of abstracts of clinically relevant papers from other journals. The abstracts on this page have been chosen and edited by John R. Radford.


Hypnosis improved the acceptance of local anaesthetic in children.


Obero J, Panda A et al. Pediatr Dent 2016; 38: 112–115

It is stated that children accept ideas uncritically and therefore are more easily hypnotised. Hypnosis may therefore be particularly helpful for children when carrying out comfortable administration of local anaesthetic. In this study, two hundred children aged 6-16 years old were randomly allocated to either an experimental group or control group. The hypnotic techniques included following a 'hypnotic script', 'arm levitation', breathing techniques and counting exercises. A second, blinded observer administered the local anaesthetic. Acceptance or otherwise of the local anaesthetic was gauged by high hand movements, leg movements, crying or verbal protests, and orophysical resistance. Children under hypnosis exhibited significantly less resistance to administration of local anaesthesia, a lower pulse rate but no differences in oxygen saturation. Of note, in the group that was hypnotised, as the age of the child increased so did their increase to resistance. Hypnosis requires increased time and a quiet dental surgery.

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