The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has warned dentists and the public about buying dental equipment from the Internet after its enforcement investigators seized a number of potentially dangerous fake dental instruments.

At a business address in the West Midlands, an MHRA raid seized 100 fake dental instruments consisting of scaler tips, light cured composite, gutta percha points, dental cleaning tools and high speed handpieces not CE marked and not carrying warnings or usage instructions.

The MHRA launched the raid after an anonymous complaint was received with regards to a non-CE marked portable dental X-ray unit bought on eBay. Tests revealed that one of the machines available for sale lacked sufficient shielding in the X-ray tube.

The MHRA advises that fake medical equipment can be spotted by looking out for the following: the dental instruments have no recognised brand name and the packaging has missing information; an 'instructions for use' leaflet is not enclosed with the product; no lot or batch identification number is listed; no CE mark is affixed; no manufacturer or European representative details are listed; the product has no four digit unique identification number.

The MHRA is working with eBay to prevent any further unapproved devices being sold.

You can report faulty medical devices by phoning 020 3080 7080 or via the website at