Retraction of: Scientific Reports, published online 15 September 2017

The authors are retracting this article.

An investigation by the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, where the research was conducted, has concluded that several panels depicted in Figure 5A present false or fabricated data, namely:

  • the PLA images in columns 1 and 4 of the “- Cisplatin” condition are blank black panels without any data signal

  • the DAPI image for the “MSH + HBD3 + Cisplatin” condition is a duplicate of the DAPI image for the “MSH + Cisplatin” condition

In addition, the authors were not able to locate all the original data files. The results and conclusions in this article are therefore unreliable.

Katharine M. Carter, Brent J. Shelton & John A. D’Orazio agree with the retraction and its wording. Stuart G. Jarrett did not respond to the correspondence about the retraction.