A comparative atlas of the brain

Sjöstedt, E. et al. Science 367, eaay5947 (2020).

Several large-scale projects have mapped protein expression in the brains of various species. Sjöstedt et al. worked with data from multiple sources, such as from the Allen Institute, the GTEx consortium and the FANTOM consortium, and supplemented them with their own mapping efforts. The researchers integrated RNA-seq data, in situ hybridizations and immunofluorescence stainings in three species: human, pig and mouse. In comparative analyses, the researchers observe large overlaps in expression profiles across the three species, but there are also substantial differences, in particular for genes involved in neurotransmission. The data are available via the Human Protein Atlas portal at

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Vogt, N. A comparative atlas of the brain. Nat Methods 17, 462 (2020).

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