Retraction of: Nature Chemical Biology, published online 19 December 2016

In this paper, we developed GPCR-CoINPocket, a computational method for identifying pharmacological similarities of GPCRs, including orphan receptors, solely from their sequences. Guided by our GPCR-CoINPocket predictions for the orphan receptor GPR37L1, we reported several compounds as inverse agonists of GPR37L1 constitutive Gαs-directed activity. Unfortunately, after the work was published, we discovered a cloning error in the GPR37L1 construct used for compound screening in Fig. 5 and Supplementary Figs. 5 and 6. The corrected GPR37L1 construct no longer displays constitutive activity, and the predicted compounds do not evoke a GPR37L1-mediated response in the pharmacological assays tested (refer to the accompanying Matters Arising). Therefore, we are retracting this study, and all authors agree with this decision. We sincerely apologize for any impact on the scientific community. The computational method for identifying pharmacological neighbors, GPCR-CoINPocket, is unaffected by this error.