Correction to Nature Chemical Biology, published online 9 December 2019.

In the version of this article originally published, there were several typographical errors. In the second paragraph of Results section ‘Purification and characterization of DCAF15 complexes’, ‘magnetic’ and ‘DDB1’ were spelled incorrectly in the sentence beginning ‘This weak interaction’. The sentence should read ‘This weak interaction was confirmed by 1H saturation transfer difference (STD) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), where STD peaks for indisulam were only detected in the presence of 1 μM DCAF15–DDB1–DDA1 (Supplementary Fig. 3)’. Furthermore, in the Methods section ‘NMR Spectroscopy’, ‘pH 7.4’ should read ‘pD 7.4’, ‘0.33 p.p.m.’ should read ‘–0.33 p.p.m.’ and ‘the number of points recorded was 32,000’ should read ‘the number of points recorded was 32,768’. The errors have been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the paper.