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Promoting the genomic revolution in Africa through the Nigerian 100K Genome Project

To leverage the genetic diversity in Nigeria, we established the Non-Communicable Diseases Genetic Heritage Study (NCD-GHS) consortium to help produce a comprehensive catalog of human genetic variation in Nigeria and assess the burden and etiological characteristics of non-communicable diseases in 100,000 adults in Nigeria.

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Fig. 1: The NCD-GHS consortium strategic vision 2020–2025.
Fig. 2: Mapping of NCD-GHS sample collection sites across both studies.


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We thank the members of NCD-GHS Scientific Advisory Board Members: A. Adeyemo, F. I. Olopade, M. Nyirenda, N. Mulder, M. Owolabi and D. Nitsch and members of the NCD-GHS Steering Committee: A. Adenipekun, A. Banjo and S. Saidu. Funding for this study was provided by the ACTG with support from 54gene Inc.

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Correspondence to Segun Fatumo or Abasi Ene-Obong.

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S.F., O.S., O.N. and B.L.S. received consultancy fees from 54gene Nigeria Ltd. A.Y., O.O., J.P., D.A., G.E., F.Z.M., N.A., C.O. and A.E. are current employees of 54gene Inc.

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Supplementary Table 1

Supplementary Table 1- Case definition / diagnostic criteria for selected (s) non-communicable diseases (NCDs) recruited

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