Correction to: Nature Genetics, published online 20 June 2016.

In the version of this article published, the P values for the enrichment of single mutation categories were inadvertently not corrected for multiple testing. After multiple-testing correction, only two of the six mutation categories mentioned are still statistically significant. To reflect this, the text “More specifically, paternally derived DNMs are enriched in transitions in A[.]G contexts, especially ACG>ATG and ATG>ACG (Bonferroni-corrected P = 1.3 × 10−2 and P = 1 × 10−3, respectively). Additionally, we observed overrepresentation of ATA>ACA mutations (Bonferroni-corrected P = 4.28 × 10−2) for DNMs of paternal origin. Among maternally derived DNMs, CCA>CTA, GCA>GTA and TCT>TGT mutations were significantly overrepresented (Bonferroni-corrected P = 4 × 10−4, P = 5 × 10−4, P = 1 × 10−3, respectively)” should read “More specifically, CCA>CTA and GCA>GTA mutations were significantly overenriched on the maternal allele (Bonferroni-corrected P = 0.0192 and P = 0.048, respectively).” Additionally, the last sentence to the legend for Fig. 3b should read “Green boxes highlight the mutation categories that differ significantly” instead of “Green boxes highlight the mutation categories that differ more than 1% of mutation load with a bootstrapping P value <0.05.” Corrected versions of Fig. 3b and Supplementary Table 25 appear with the Author Correction.

Fig. 3b
Fig. 3b

Original and corrected.

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  1. These authors contributed equally: Jakob M Goldmann, Wendy S W Wong.

  2. These authors jointly supervised this work: Christian Gilissen, John E Niederhuber.


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  9. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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    •  & John E Niederhuber


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