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Accurate characterization of next-generation thin-film photodetectors

The performance of photodetectors fabricated from emerging semiconductors such as perovskites, quantum dots, two-dimensional materials or organics, for example, can be prone to misinterpretation. This Comment exposes the problems and proposes some guidelines for accurate characterization.

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Fig. 1: Frequency dependence of the responsivity, noise and specific detectivity.
Fig. 2: Noise equivalent power determination.


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J.H. and Y.F. acknowledge financial support from the Academic Research Initiative in Department of Home Security under award 2014-DN-077-ARI069 and the National Science Foundation under award ECCS – 1747674. P.M. and A.A. acknowledge the support of the European Regional Development Fund (Welsh European Funding Office) and Swansea University for the Sustainable Advanced Materials strategic initiative.

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