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The science and ethics of extinction

Nature Ecology & Evolutionvolume 2page581 (2018) | Download Citation

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We thank E. O. Wilson for discussing this correspondence with us and providing insightful comments and support, V. Herrera, J. Uddling and J. Sandberg for constructive suggestions, and the thousands of scientists and citizens who have signed our petition on and engaged in this discussion.

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  1. Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden

    • Alexandre Antonelli
    •  & Allison Perrigo
  2. Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

    • Alexandre Antonelli
    •  & Allison Perrigo
  3. Gothenburg Botanical Garden, Gothenburg, Sweden

    • Alexandre Antonelli
  4. Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

    • Alexandre Antonelli


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