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Specific targeting of lung ILC2s via NRP1 in pulmonary fibrosis

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Fig. 1


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We thank Susan Zunino, PhD, from Edanz ( for editing a draft of this manuscript.


This work was supported, in part, by AMED (grant numbers JP20fk0108129, JP21fk0108129h0702, and JP21lm0203007), a GSK Research grant (grant number A-32), JSPS KAKENHI (grant numbers JP21K16118 and JP21K08194), the Smoking Research Foundation (grant number 2021Y007), the Takeda Science Foundation, the Uehara Memorial Foundation (grant number 202110055), the MSD Life Science Foundation (grant number RA-026), the Japanese Respiratory Society Boehringer Ingelheim Research Grant Program, and the Japan Intractable Diseases (Nanbyo) Research Foundation (grant number 2020B02).

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Correspondence to Hiroshi Kida.

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Nii, T., Fukushima, K. & Kida, H. Specific targeting of lung ILC2s via NRP1 in pulmonary fibrosis. Cell Mol Immunol 19, 869–871 (2022).

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