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SEMA3A-mediated crosstalk between prostate cancer cells and tumor-associated macrophages promotes androgen deprivation therapy resistance

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The National Natural Science Foundation of China (81472397 to S.R. and 81773154 to C.W.). The Top-level Clinical Discipline Project of Shanghai Pudong (PWYgf2018-03, C.W.). The Shanghai Natural Science Foundation (20ZR1449600, C.W.). The Leadership Program in Science and Technology of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission (181100006318007, N.X.).

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Correspondence to Fei Liu or Shancheng Ren.

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Liu, F., Wang, C., Huang, H. et al. SEMA3A-mediated crosstalk between prostate cancer cells and tumor-associated macrophages promotes androgen deprivation therapy resistance. Cell Mol Immunol 18, 752–754 (2021).

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