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Myeloma-bone marrow adipocyte axis in tumour survival and treatment response


Multiple myeloma is an incurable cancer of the bone marrow that is dependent on its microenvironment, including bone marrow adipocytes (BMAds). Here, we discuss our findings that the reciprocal interaction of myeloma cells and BMAds, leads to myeloma cell survival and induces metabolic dysfunction and senescence-associated secretory phenotype in BMAds.

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Fig. 1: Overview of changes in BM adiposity during multiple myeloma development and the dynamic relationship between BMAds and myeloma cells.


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M.R.R. wrote the first draft of this commentary and T.L.A. created the first draft of the figure. All authors have contributed to editing of this manuscript text and figure.

Corresponding authors

Correspondence to Abbas Jafari, Thomas L. Andersen or Michaela R. Reagan.

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Not applicable.

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Not applicable.

Data availability

All results and patient data referenced in this study have been included in the manuscript described by this commentary.

Competing interests

The authors declare no competing interests. The Reagan lab receives support from Oncopeptides to conduct research not related to this publication.

Funding information

T.L.A. had received funding from the Region of Southern Denmark (20/14282). M.R.R. had received funding from the American Cancer Society (Research Grant #RSG-19-037-01-LIB), the NIH (U54GM115516, R01AR049069, R37CA245330, and P20GM121301) and the Kane Foundation.

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Publisher’s note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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