Comment on: “UGT2B17 modifies drug response in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia”

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Fig. 1: ERV onco-exaptation drives UGT2B17 ectopic transcription.


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S.I.P. gratefully acknowledges Professor George Kassiotis at the Francis Crick Institute for the enlightening discussion on endogenous retroviruses during the EMBO|EMBL Symposium “The Mobile Genome” and the fruitful mentoring provided ever since.

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Conception and design of the work: S.I.P. Data collection: S.I.P. Data analysis and interpretation: S.I.P. Drafting of the paper: S.I.P., C.J. Supervision of the work: C.J. Critical revision of the article: S.I.P., C.J.

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Correspondence to Spyros I. Papamichos.

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Not applicable.

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The ChIP-seq data reported in this study represent publicly available material, generated from the Encyclopaedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Consortium, and are archived at the UCSC Genome Browser Database (

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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The authors have not received any funding.

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