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New implants with excellent primary stability

Neoss ProActive Edge is a one-of-a-kind implant - an empowering addition to the Neoss implant family, giving you outstanding primary stability even in soft or compromised bone.

figure 1

Data from a recent EAO study show that the Neoss ProActive Edge implants achieve equal or better implant stability than the top premium brand implants. In addition, Neoss ProActive Edge was the only implant that maintained outstanding implant stability in all situations, even with over-prepared osteotomies, making it highly predictable to use.1

A revolutionary 1 to 2-step drilling protocol prepares the site with minimal bone removal, giving you immediate feedback during placement. The drills are directly matched to the implant and thread designs, making placement faster, simpler and reducing chair time for you and your patients.

The predictability of the Neoss ProActive Edge implant has been further confirmed in a clinical use study. High primary stability was achieved for all implants, allowing for immediate or early load in support of single crowns, partial bridges, as well as for full arch restorations. All implants remained in function during the entire one-year observation period with minimal (-0.5 mm) bone remodelling.2

Like all Neoss implants, Neoss ProActive Edge features the clinically proven super hydrophilic ProActive surface and the highly trusted NeoLoc connection.

One prosthetic platform across three implant ranges with one screwdriver connection! That is Intelligent Simplicity!

To find out more about the Neoss ProActive Edge implant visit or email


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