Sir, in connection with the interesting discussion of Richards et al. on coronamolars as a possible congenital disorder of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we suggest maternal-foetal transmission (vertical transmission) to predict the coronamolars' development.1

Mulberry molars and Hutchinson's teeth are characteristic dental stigmata of children born to mothers with syphilis infection during pregnancy.

Although a recent systematic review has concluded that there is no evidence of the vertical transmission in neonates of mothers with confirmed COVID-19 infection 0.0% (0/310),2 the possibility of vertical transmission cannot be completely ruled out due to the few individual neonate cases which were reported positive a few hours after their birth. Vertical infection therefore remains a possibility in the context of COVID-19 thus implying a potential call-to-action for dental researchers and professionals to look for possible orofacial manifestations either in the short- or long-term, once cohorts of congenital COVID-19 are reported.