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Gerry McKenna (Editor), Finbarr Allen (Editor), Francis Burke (Editor)

2021; Wiley-Blackwell

176 pages

eISBN 9781119226604


Clinical Cases in Gerodontology is a case-based guide to the oral health of older adults, providing a comprehensive overview of the most relevant dental issues that arise when dealing with an ageing population. Theory and practice are applied to 25 real-life cases in a clinically relevant format, covering the management of chronic dental disease, replacement of missing teeth, failing restorations, management of malignancy and other oral conditions. To aid learning, each of the clinical cases presented has a defined learning objective and goal. In addition, the authors discuss in detail the clinical decision making factors and the text is enhanced with photographs that demonstrate the progressive stages of treatment. This important text includes the thinking behind clinical decision making, fosters independent learning, prepares for case-based examinations and contains self-study questions and relevant literature citations.

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