Correction: Taxonomic and functional heterogeneity of the gill microbiome in a symbiotic coastal mangrove lucinid species

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Correction to: The ISME Journal

Since publication of the original paper, the authors noticed that a typesetting error meant Table 2 was typeset incorrectly. The correctly laid out table is displayed below. The HTML and PDF versions of this paper have also been updated. The publisher wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Table 2 Comparison of genomic features among Ca. Sedimenticola endophacoides, free-living Sedimenticola spp. (Flood et al. 2015; Louie et al. 2016), and bacterial symbionts, including the lucinid thioautotrophic symbiont clade A (Petersen et al. 2016; Konig et al. 2016), a vesicomyid clam gill symbiont (Ca. Ruthia Magnifica; Roeselers et al. 2010), a solemyid clam gill symbiont (Dmytrenko et al. 2014), bathymodiolin mussel gill symbionts (Bathymodiolus septemdierum and Bathymodiolus thermophilus; Ikuta et al. 2016; Ponnudurai et al. 2017), deep-sea tubeworm trophosomal symbionts (Ridgeia piscesae, Riftia pachyptila and Tevnia jerichonana; Gardebrecht et al. 2012; Perez and Juniper 2016), a marine nematode ectosymbiont (Ca. Thiosymbion oneisti; Petersen et al. 2016), and a deep-sea scaly-foot snail esophageal gland symbiont (Nakagawa et al. 2014).

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